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I’m turning YouTube comments off.

My Notice taken from YouTube

I’m turning off comments on all videos after this one until further notice. The sheer abuse of this section is now dangerous. Links are getting through and I don’t have the time to maintain and moderate the comments. Discussion has gone from childishness to outright direct abuse. Forcing real names only makes people using them vulnerable to those with fake ones. The abuse is still here but it lingers at the top of the page now.

Fun fact: to turn the comments off on my other channels I have to create a google+ account. The comments AND SETTINGS are entirely controlled by Google+.

Funner fact: You can post comments on private videos using YouTube (with no G+ account) and they show when the video goes public. It’s the same system. It hasn’t moved. These lock-offs are forced. It’s the equivalent of ransomware.

Discussion can still be had. The Nerd³ subreddit is moderated and a good place to talk. Twitter is good for short discussion too.

I still love you guys, gals, everything in between and either side but right now this section is poison.

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