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Look! A blog thing! About me!

Vidcon was a 3 day waking nightmare I don’t wish to repeat. Actually, I lie. I bailed on the 3rd day and went to Disneyland instead by myself so it was a two day waking nightmare. Well, 4 if you include flights… Which I do… I had to watch GI Joe…

Anyway. The industry day came and went. Very money focused so I didn’t give a monkeys and only went to the keynotes. (They too were money focused. I should have gone to Disney then.) Once that day crept past with all the speed and tenacity of a crippled turtle we got to the first true day of the con.

I lasted 4 hours.

I’m not someone who likes attention. (I know, I know) It makes me uncomfortable. Its fine online because I can walk away from it but in the real world its difficult. Out in the street I don’t mind as its a rare thing and discussion can actually occur but in a big hall with lots of noise it mostly seems to descend into fangirling and I so don’t want that. Screaming cheers for prats like me who talk bollocks on the internet and pay cuts for teachers and nurses. We need to fix society but that’s for another day…

And I do want to clarify I don’t hate the fans who want to meet or have met me. Far from it. Hell, I’ve got piles of autographs from my mid teens that I’ll cherish forever. You guys are the reason I can do what I do for a living and I thank you and will repay you in the best way I can. By making stupid internet videos.

Conventions are damn unfair to those who don’t live close enough to big cities though. I missed 5 videos while I was away. 1,000,000 people missed out repeatedly so that 50 could get something extra. Needs of the many etc etc…

So, what am I going to do? Well, no more public appearances for a start. Sorry but its just not something I want from this. I won’t be at summer in the city or Eurogamer this year but only the tiniest portion of you would go to these events. Everyone still gets the videos and isn’t that why were all here? Can that be our transaction? I give videos, you enjoy them? That work for everyone?

I may try to do more live stuff in an attempt to let more of you talk to me but It’ll never be enough for all of you. I’d much rather spend my time being a happy, solitary shut in who just makes internet based entertainment than a panicy, miserable git getting glomped by strangers.

We’ll always have LA.

Well, 50 of us.

P.S. I wrote this on my phone. IT TOOK 16 HOURS!

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