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gamerofsilver asked: what is the worst purchase you have ever made?

Tumblr Pro.


Here it is! The short film I’ve been working on for months for New Form Digital. I hope you enjoy it. If not, that’s fine. I’ll just go back to my old job, bartering for pelts.

You need to watch this. NEED TO.

Beware Trump Cards

There’s a type of argument used in politics (and elsewhere) that I like to refer to as a “Trump Card” Argument. This is when somebody has run out of actual arguments and instead uses a Trump card. Something that cannot be beaten. Something that stops the debate with a cheap win. Something that lets them re-write the narrative.

How many times have you heard these.

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relentlessrogue1 asked: Dan when will Demma plays start up?? I can't wait to see your reunion with Emma. =P


fluorine-indium-nitrogen asked: you just answered an ask from a lesbian furry porn blog ;)

On Tumblr I assume everyone is a lesbian furry porn blog until proven otherwise.

foxylezfurr asked: How did you feel about the family guy/Simpson cross over season premier?

shelloutdoesstuff asked: Dan, going back in time to see what happened technically isn't deduction.

If he deduces he can do that it is.

nwshashbrown asked: How long have you played Animal Crossing for?

Too long.

mrinsom asked: Who has better powers of deduction: The Doctor, or Sherlock Holmes?

The Doctor. He can just pop back in time and see what happened. Easy peasy.