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heados asked: What is the most important thing to do in the morning :?

Wake up.

jessbearisbestbear asked: You failed to mention the complaint of why I don't get me some of that hot ass you haulin' ;)



Complaints Box

Matt asked me to answer some regular fan complaints all in one place SO HERE WE GO!

Comments are off, put them back on.

No, they’re better off. No actual discussion has ever been had in the YouTube comments. None. It’s just a place for abuse and it makes the content above it look worse. Less than 1% of people who watch the videos comment on them when they were on and they’re still skewed so trolling answers get replied to most and thus get put near the top. Horrible system.

Why don’t you edit anymore

I do. Saturdays are my edited video days so I record on the Monday and edit it through out the week. I used to do them in two days, now I spread them over 5. It makes for a vastly better video that can flow way better. Also L&C and F&S take a while to edit with camera switching and occasionally challenges get the full edited works too.

OK, why don’t you only do edited videos.

Because that would bore me to tears. I need variety in this job. Somedays I need to talk for 50 mins about an old RTS, others I need to rip apart something I dislike. If I spent 5 days a week just editing I’d of gone mad.

Why do you state your opinions as facts?

Because starting every sentence with “and in my opinion” or ending it with “for me at least” is stupid. I assume you’re smart enough to know what is a fact (“This is the menu”) and what is an opinion (“This game would bore a coma patient”) and process that accordingly.

Why don’t you talk to the community?

Because I don’t have time. If I have a choice between making free stuff for everyone or chatting to a few people in a corner of the internet I’ll take the free stuff everytime. I’m now juggling youtubeing with game making so time is even more tight then before. Hell, even if I winkle out a slice of time now I’ll use it to livestream.

Recently I saw someone say “Why don’t you just spend an hour a day with the fans?” Well, that would add 7 hours to my work week so should I spend 7 hours less making cool stuff or 7 hours less of my own free time? And who would I talk to? Since I got up I’ve had 200+ emails, 100+ tumblr messages and over 500 tweets sent to me. (Not to mention 18 new game codes) If I spent an hour on just these I’d have 4.5 seconds to give to each person and if word got out I responded there would damn sure be more of them.

"He’s disconnected himself from all his fans so he must not care about us." I’ve disconnected so I can give you the thing that brought you here in the first place. I wouldn’t work 7 days a week if i didn’t care now would I. As spock said, the free entertainment of the many outweighs the chats of the few.

Why are you so negative now?

Because you just watched a negative video and have forgotten all the other ones. I went back through every video I played since I’ve been back full time broke things down. I’ve played 50 different games and…

- 38 were overall positive.

- 5 were middle ground or had no conclusion reached.

- 7 were overall negative.

That means I’m positive 76% of the time. BUT of the 7 negatives only 1 wasn’t in the “Hell” series. Basically if you think I’m negative all the time, you’re probably only watching one series. And sure Goat Sim was disliked a tonne but it was also the most liked video for ages. Different strokes for different folks.

Why don’t you share your personal life with us more?

“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?”

― George R.R. Martin

I’m a private person. It’s how I like life. I’m not your friend I’m a dude who makes stuff on the internet. Thanks for watching it, I’ll make more.

Why do you play a game you obviously aren’t going to like?

A combination of people endlessly bugging me and that wonderful “what If I’m wrong” thought that pops up. I love assuming something will suck and being surprised (Hello NBA 2K14). Sometimes I have to make a crap video on a game because I simply can’t get ideas, points and jokes out of my head. They bug me and bug me and when I finally make the video I feel waaay better. (See Olli Olli) Short answer: Because I’m a mental.

Why can’t you take criticism?

Because nearly everyone confuses criticism for requests. The amount of times someones critique could be fixed by the person simply not watching a series they don’t like is damn high.

"I don’t like it when your negative." Great, don’t watch the series that is me being negative then.

"I only like edited videos." Awesome, only watch them then.

"Comments are off, put them back on." OK, now you’re just reading this post back to me.

Also remember I have 1,800,000 people who all want different things yelling at me 24/7. If I followed every bit of advice the channel would end up a molten pile of awful and nobody wants that.

I hope they don’t anyway.

Till next time.

xianghuasmiles asked: Hiya Dan! I'm just curious as to how you feel about Scottish Independence? Thanks. :)

Part of me wants the UK to stay together because countries working together is better for the future BUT I did just leave the UK myself so I can’t exactly disagree with that side either…


Which is worse? To push a man to his death or to talk him into jumping?

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